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Default Sage stylesheet (by Peter Andrews)
Hicks (by Jon Hicks)
Simple (by Ben Branders)
Rounded (by Ben Branders)
Splash (by Ben Branders)
IceBlog (by Ben Branders)
Mozilla (by Patryk Zawadzki)
AmphetaDesk (by Ben Branders)
Summer Blues (by Ben Branders)
Sandy (by Ben Branders)
Bloody Mary (by Ben Branders)
Kingery 1 (by Scott Kingery)
Kingery 2 (by Scott Kingery)
Plain and Green (by Kaspars Dambis)
Plain and Green Two Column (by Kaspars Dambis)
Terminalicious (by Cameron Mac Millan)

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  1. Choose a stylesheet you like
  2. Scroll down to the source
  3. Right-click in the source
  4. Choose This Frame » Save Frame As...
  5. Save the file
  6. In Sage, go to Options » Settings
    Press the Browse button and select the file you just downloaded

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