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Geekcode Comments Off on Geekcode

I just found out about a thing called geek code. This is my geek code: —–BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK—– Version: 3.12 GCC/IT d- s+:+ a– C+(+) L++ P+ L++ E— W++ N++ o K- w O- M- V- PS PE Y+ PGP++ t++@ 5+ X+++ R- tv+ b++ DI+++ D+ G+ e++ h– r– z […]

Penguin sadism Comments Off on Penguin sadism

Do you remember this one? This one is much more fun!! :-) (Via

Blackbox for Windows 0.0.90 released Comments Off on Blackbox for Windows 0.0.90 released

Almost unbelievable. Finally released. I’ve waited long enough I think. For those of you who don’t what Blackbox is: Blackbox for Windows is an alternative shell for Microsoft Windows. It is based stylistically on the Blackbox window manager for the X Window System, however it does not use the same codebase except for the gradient […]

Fedora Core 2 Comments Off on Fedora Core 2

Fedora Core 2 test1 is ondertussen al enkele weken vrijgegeven. Aangezien het hier nog om een vroege testversie gaat, ga ik hem nog niet uitgeprobeerd, maar ik heb er al wel veel goed over gelezen. Je kan deze versie trouwens downloaden van de Fedora Server. Er zijn ook enkele torrents opgezet. Deze kan je vinden […]

Lindows becomes Lindash Comments Off on Lindows becomes Lindash

Because of the recent problems with the name “Lindows” in the Netherlands and Belgium, Michael Roberts (Lindows’ CEO) decided to lauch a new website. You can find the new website at: www.lin— You pronouce lin—s as Lindash. Quite a good pun I think :-). And now the three letters that formed the problem in the […]

Jabber User Guide in Dutch Comments Off on Jabber User Guide in Dutch

A couple of hours ago, I started the Dutch translation of the Jabber User Guide. I know that it’s a lot of work, but I think that a good guide is necessary to convert people from other networks (MSN, Yahoo, ICQ) to Jabber. I choose the Jabber User Guide because it’s the most official guide […]

Der Spiegel: Vogel wird Fuchs Comments Off on Der Spiegel: Vogel wird Fuchs

Der Spiegel features an interesting article about Firebird’s namechange to Firefox. The article itself is in German (be warned! :)). If you have trouble reading German, use the Babelfish translation. Mozillas “Firebird”-Browser ist schick, klein und schnell – und dem “Firebird relational database open-source development project” ein Dorn im Auge. Zum zweiten Mal ist Mozilla […]

Thunderbird 0.5 released Comments Off on Thunderbird 0.5 released

A bit after the release of Firefox, Thunderbird was released too. I don’t think this is a very big release for Mozilla Thunderbird (release notes). Actually, I think the release of Firefox overshadows Thunderbird’s release :???: . If you’ve never tried Thunderbird before, I suggest you download it (when the servers can handle the downloads […]

Firebird changes name to Firefox Comments Off on Firebird changes name to Firefox

As you can see on Firefox’s page, Mozilla Firebird changed its name. Ben Goodger has made an interesting blogpost why they changed the browser’s name (again). I think the name Mozilla FireFox sounds quite nice. By the way, if you don’t know what a Firefox is, take a look at this picture. :smile:

Restyling weblog Comments Off on Restyling weblog

I’m restyling this weblog. I made it fixed width so it appears the same on every browser. I also added a tabbed menu at the top. The links in the tabbed menu are already working, but there are still some problems with the pages. :???: I hope I get it fixed in the next few […]

The Virus Underground Comments Off on The Virus Underground

The New York Times features a very good article about viruswriters and their lives. Not that I am a viruswriter or so, but reading the article, you learn a lot about viruswriters. When the Mydoom.A e-mail virus struck in late January, it spread even faster than Sobig.F; at its peak, experts estimated, one out of […]

Major problem with Firebird installer Comments Off on Major problem with Firebird installer

Mozilla Firebird installer also has nightly builds. Yesterday, MozillaZine reported a problem with one of those nightlies. When you install Firebird, the installer wipes out your Program Files folder. Not so good. :???: Ben Goodger wrote in his weblog how to solve this nasty problem. Note that this isn’t a Mozilla Firebird problem. The FB […]

CSS Style Competition 3

The competition will end today. At the moment there are 27 styles in the running for the $70. If you still want to submit a stylesheet, you have to hurry!! These are my 3 favorites (in this order): Mars Spirit (Author: Minz Meyer) Human Condition (Author: Ian Main) Simple Sky (Author: Chris M) Go check […] Building A Better Browser Comments Off on Building A Better Browser

A nice article about Mozilla Firebird in Forbes. (Just don’t read the stock quotes and those things, that’s the uninteresting part ;-) ). Building A Better Browser

CSpotRun Comments Off on CSpotRun

This morning I found out that I could make make my Palm Zire act a a real eBookreader. I downloaded CSpotRun. CSpotRun is, despite it’s strange name, a Docreader (doc is a special format for Palm). After installing CSpotRun, I had to find some eBooks. I went to MemoWare where I downloaded “A 15 minute […]